The Examination
Content Overview and Outline

The exam is a closed book examination. Reference materials will not be allowed in the test room at the time of the examination. No written material other than that issued at the time of testing will be permitted.  The Sales Associate examination shall be based upon a knowledge, understanding and application of real estate principles and practices, real estate law, and real estate mathematics as provided in Chapter 475, Part I, Florida Statutes, and Chapter 61J2, Florida Administrative Code. The examination consists of one hundred multiple choice questions. Candidates are given a total of three and a half hours to complete the examination. The examination consists of questions covering nineteen content areas. The content areas, descriptions of each content area, and the percentage of the examination that covers each of these content areas are as follows:

State Final Examination JMS Podcast Reviews

  • Session #1. The Real Estate Business (1%)

  • Session #2. LICENSE LAW and Qualifications for Licensure (6%)

  • Session #3. Real Estate License Law and Commission Rules (2%)

  • Session #4. Authorized Relationships, Duties and Disclosures (7%)

  • Session #5. Real Estate Brokerage Activities and Procedures (12%)

  • Session #6. Violations of License Law, Penalties and Procedures (2%)

  • Session #7. Federal and State Laws Pertaining to Real Estate (4%)

  • Session #8. Property Rights: Estates, Tenancies, Condos, Coops, HOAs (8%)

  • Session #9. Title, Deeds and Ownership Restrictions (7%)

  • Session #10. Legal Descriptions (5%)

  • Session #11. Real Estate Contracts (12%)

  • Session #12. Residential Mortgages (9%)

  • Session #13. Types of Mortgages and Sources (4%)

  • Session #14. Real Estate Computations and Closing (6%)

  • Session #15. Real Estate Markets and Analysis (1%)

  • Session #16. Real Estate Appraisal (8%)

  • Session #17. Real Estate Investments and Business (2%)

  • Session #18. Taxes Affecting Real Estate (3%)

  • Session #19. Planning and Zoning (1%)














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In this podcast we will be discussing the for sale by owner and probably their number one objection and that is the paying of a commission.

in this podcast we will be discussing the different forms of representation, when and how a real estate licensee may have to disclose their form of representation and when that disclosure must be in writing.  Is the seller and/or buyer truly represented?  Listen to what the law F.S. 475 has to say.

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In this podcast we will be discussing the difference between a Limited Service Discount Broker and a Full Service Broker.  It is noted that all commissions are negotiable.

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