Full-Service Brokerage vs. Discount

Updated: Sep 15

At the outset let me state that commissions are always negotiable. According to 475 FS, the commission that is to be charged is based on an agreement between the broker and the client. There is no such thing as a "set commission".

With that said, let me ask this, if you were a seller wishing to sell your home for whatever the reason (your why), is it my commission that you are mostly concerned about or is it the amount of money you put in your pocket (the net amount) when you go to the closing?

In my experience, if that question is asked you might respond with "is it my commission or how much you put in your pocket that mainly concerns you?". If they think about it, the answer should be obvious.

Now, let me ask you this, in life do we normally get more for less, or do we get less for less? As an example, tell me what the difference between a Rolex and a Timex watch is? They are both designed to tell time, but the price difference is literally thousands of dollars! Yes, both are watches, both tell time but what differentiates the two-time pieces from each other?

A full-service broker and a discount broker are both brokers. They are both licensed. What is it that separates the two? Have you discovered your USA, your Unique Selling Advantage yet, and do you promote it? What is it that will set you apart from your competition? As a seller or buyer my question is, "Why should I use you rather than your competition?" "You agents all say and do the same things."

Discover your USA and them promote it. Be where the people are at. Social Media is key. Learn about it and use it wisely and.you will take your real estate career to the next level Learn to differentiate yourself from the "herd".

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