If it Doesn't Get Shown, it Won't Get sold

Updated: Sep 15

There are basically five key activities that must be performed in order to get a seller's home sold. Whether the seller attempts to sell on their own or they see the benefits of hiring you as their agent of choice, the steps are basically the same. Someone must handle The Marketing, The Legal, The Financial, The Technical and Taking the Transaction from Contract to Closing.

Most will also agree, "If it doesn't get shown, it doesn't get sold!" The more you show it to qualified, ready to buy now buyers, the greater the chance of sale, the higher the price (Bidding War) and the quicker the sale. By the way, that is what we might call a Power Phrase or a Yes Momentum statement that has been used for years. After all, isn't that basically what a seller wants? And the beauty of that statement is it's true.

So, out of the 5 Key Activities that agents must be skilled in (why, how and when to use each activity), the key is Marketing and that is where it all starts. The logic? "Mr. and Mrs. Seller, you will probably agree that if your home does not get shown, it probably won't get sold. The more we show it to ready to buy now buyers, we start a bidding war, the price goes up, you net more in your pocket at the closing table and the sooner we can get you moved to North Carolina to be with your family... which is what you want...right?"

So, what are the "tools" you use to get their property shown and ultimately sold? Remember it's not the "tools" that they are buying. It's what the tools do for them that will help them get to North Carolina so they can be with their family.

Are you selling what people are buying?

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