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A Brokerage firm's most valuable assets

In Florida alone there are approximately 5,000 new applications being processed each month for real estate licenses.

In an article in Realty Times, entitled "Why Real Estate Agents Turnover is So High" it was estimated that approximately 88% of those who are recruited don't last for more than one year.

In many licensing classes, some instructors will suggest that the student when choosing a company to place their license with, that the student should interview the firm because "any firm will hire you."  Unfortunately, that is the reality for many firms.  However, in knowing that, the firm might think about what happens in a typical job interview.  Yes, a firm's most valuable assets are its associates, and a firm wants to make as many good hiring decisions as possible. A firm can increase their chances of hiring the "right agent" by the type of questions being asked in the interview.

Just as any good training program will emphasize, that finding a seller or buyer's WHY for selling or buying can lead to a listing or sale, likewise by asking the right questions of a possible recruit, that can help the firm in hopefully recruiting the right agents.  In presenting this course for years, we have found that we will never prejudge whether a recruit will be a Top Producer or not.  However, asking the right questions during the interview may increase your chances of finding that right agent for your firm.