Getting a License or Thinking About          A Change?

If you haven't taken either your end-of-course or state final examination yet, or you are licensed and thinking about a possible change, we can help. Call Jim Mort for a  confidential discussion about your career in real estate.

You Can Earn More Than 100%* in Commissions !

  • FREE Tutoring to Help You Pass Your Course or State Final Exam*

  • In-Office Training (4 weeks) No Fee

  • Personal Coaching & Mentoring (ask about Tuition Reimbursement)

  • No Desk Fees

  • No Monthly Fees

  • No Internet Fees

  • No Mandatory Floor

  • No Mandatory Office Hours

  • Agent Friendly Policy & Procedure

  • Self-Employed Associates Make Their Own Business   Decisions

  • Office Administrator

  • Contract Coordinator

  • Technology Consultant

  • Floor Leads, Internet Leads

  • Website Advertising

  • EXIT Promo Shop

  • Mortgage Services

  • In-house Title Insurance


& Much, Much More !

Contact Jim Mort, Director of Education and Training at 954-232-9757 for a confidential interview.  Ask me about our *10% Residual, 7% Retirement and 5% Beneficiary Program... You will be glad you did!

*Tutoring is given twice per month, call for dates and times.

Meet Mr.  Steve Morris

the founder of EXIT Realty International and listen to our story of why and how it all began.


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